Postcard Protest

This project began as an observation and analysis of street art in Ladbroke Grove, especially in response to the Grenfell fire which took place the summer preceding, leaving the entire community in a state of post-taumatic stress which in turn motivated community organizing.. After being introdued to Marcia Gigi Robinson, author (and daughter) of Sledge: Soul of Notting Hill, I spent a couple days a week with her, either volunteering at a community garden, or taking a therapy training course along with residents from the area.

Through all the interaction and interviews with the people I met, along with inspiration from the Grenfell Memorial Wall, I designed a simple postcard that allowed anyone to anonymously write to the council about anything, whether or not it was related to Grenfell. I then photographed willing participants holding their postcards, and turned these photos into posters which I then posted in a couple places in Ladbroke Grove, one by the station, and another just of Portabello Road. 

The goal was to combine written word with street/public art, in a way that is multifunctional. Each postcard was stamped so that once hundreds of postcards are collected, they will all be mailed in at once.

On a more long-term timeline, the idea is that the postcards will be stamped and for sale so that the project funds itself, while making the process as simple as possible for the public to partake in.