Northside Holiday Boutique

The Northside Holiday Boutique was a month-long pop-up boutique that was held from Black Friday to the week before Christmas in Downtown Minneapolis with the intention of targeting an audience with more disposable income. This boutique started as weekend-long pop-up, but in 2015 we recieved funding to run our first month-long boutique. I was lead on this project in 2015 and 2016.

In addition to branding and marketing, I organized the call for and selection of artist and makers who would participate in the boutique. I hired a full-time and part-time manager to be on the floor to manage day-to-day, while I managed the structure of the boutique and payment of the artists. In the first year, the boutique generated $20,000, which averaged out to about $1,000 per artist.

The boutique consisted of all Northside Minneapolis artists and makers, with primarily handmade goods and/or art ranging from jewelry, to body and hair products, to food, to clothing, and more.

Pop-up boutique showcases Northside artisans in downtown Minneapolis